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Vital Body, Expansive Healing

I believe that we come into the human life on a mission to evolve our souls in an expedited way. I think that the human experience is rich with opportunity to deeply grow and heal, for the generations past and the ones yet to come. The experience is inherently spiritual because we are spirits housed in these bodies. And then there is the dense bodily journey we are on, which is the hardest part. literally. Our lightness, our source energy, our pure form/soul, comes into this earthly realm and body, to learn a lot, and fast. We sometimes forget why we are here, what we are doing, what the bigger picture and perspective is (if we believe there is one. I wholeheartedly do).

I have come to fully realize why I am so interested in healing the physical body, the house of our soul for a short time. It is because I’m passionate about this deeper soul evolution, and all the work and beauty and healing that exists that we have access to exploring. Through my own journey and the forming of my belief system, I have noticed time and time again that it is very difficult to do deep healing work when my body does not feel well, when I am burning the candle at both ends. I know for myself that I feel blocked from my connection to the spirit realm, my ancestors, insights that lead to healing of trauma, etc, etc, if I’m not feeling good in my body--if I’m not respecting my body and treating it well.

I have wrestled with this dynamic for years, feeling it as a chicken and egg situation. Do I focus on developing spiritual focused practices which will lead me toward taking better care of my body? Do I start with the body and really focus on nutrition and movement, which will lead to spiritual practices? And where do herbs fit in you might wonder. What I have come to, is that if there is a place to “start”, it is with the body, with the basic needs being well met. If we can have these basic forms of nourishment really dialed in, everything blossoms from there. I have played with this a lot. I have reached outside of myself for all of these spiritual tools, or to other people to show me the way to wholeness, or to meditations to get my mind clear. And while every experience has served me in some ways, some even profound--a clear pattern has emerged, which is that I don’t fully expand into these experiences and get a lot out of them, if I don’t feel good in my body! Where herbs come in, is everywhere, every step of the way. Most if not all of the time, whatever part of my journey I have been on, the herbs have supported me. At times they are a major focus, and I’m working with a protocol seriously to solve an imbalance, or treat an acute situation. And at times they are for baseline nourishment, minerals, vitamins, etc. And still, at other times they come to me in dreams, and the energies and archetypes of the plants will offer some guidance. They are interwoven to every aspect of life, so steadfast and ever present, not asking for anything in return.

So, in terms of coming into alignment and well-being in our bodies so that we are able to experience expansion and deep healing, I believe the first step, paradoxically, is to drop perfectionism. It feels like a paradox sometimes, because we can so easily fall into it, especially with what we are putting into our bodies, or not putting in. And with the confusing world we live in at the moment, it rarely feels like a simple task. So, the second step will help with this! The next step is to slow down, and create space, and listen. When I say listen, I mean listening to your body, your inner wisdom that isn’t in the mind. This can only be done in slowness and spaciousness, or at the very least, and openness throughout the day, even if busy, to receive your own knowing/wisdom in some way you can then put into practice. The next is to take practical action steps that fit within this lifestyle of a slower pace and more space. When we grasp and seek constantly for quick fixes, (which makes total sense within the way our culture is) the answers that are right in front of us, within us, may go unnoticed.

To recap: When we are feeling well in our bodies, we then have a more full opportunity to expand farther out. We need to have our basic survival base needs met with plenty of deep nutrition-food and herbal medicine, connection, touch, sunshine, love, play, and stillness (all forms of nourishment), before going into the realms of healing old wounds, traumas, and setting the stage for the next generations. I am skeptical that any amount of talk therapy or meditation practice, etc. can be fully meaningful on the whole, if we are not nourished. I feel a big need in general to slow everything down, get the basics of survival (ideally thriving in our bodies) down really nicely, and then proceed.

I exist to evolve and heal in this human lifetime, and so importantly, to help people come home to themselves, come back to wholeness, connect with their plant allies, and discover other tools and keys that really work, and very importantly, hold space for the unfolding of it all. Whether it is one plant that really calls to them, and is a match constitutionally, or a few dietary changes, or the right movement, or changing jobs, or partners, or living space. Whatever is needed to come home into our bodies becomes the task at hand to address. But slow! And moving with so much grace and tenderness along the way.

We all know, deep inside, with just even a little listening, what we need more often than not-and-we need guides and helpers! We are all ultimately on our own individual journey, but we are not alone, and need to come together and support each-other with the gifts we came with to share.

PS: Even if it’s not your cup of tea to dive into deep healing work, taking care of the body/vessel leads to a more grounded happy life of course, and just that is enough!

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Well said! Beautiful. Than you

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