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Vitalist Herbal Consultations

Vitalist Herbal consultations are a way to get to the root of what has been going on with you, what has been out of balance, what needs attention. Feeling vital, having bodies that work well to move us through what we want to do in this life, is essential to living our purpose, enjoying our human experience, and connecting with the world. My vitalist approach takes healing with plants to the deepest level. When matching the right plant remedies to a person, I take into account the whole person. Symptoms are a roadmap that lead us to the root cause, and often, multiple symptoms lead us to the same place--as the bodies wisdom is showing us the way from multiple vantage points. 


Within our time together, through questions and observations, I will determine constitutional tendencies, assess organs and systems that are out of balance, temperament, tissue states, and together we will explore soul signature/life purpose. I also take into account the whole plant--including the taste, actions, energetics, affinities, and other special and magical qualities.  This way of working with people and plants is never cookie cutter, never “this remedy for that ailment”. Everyone has their unique body, mind, spirit, and story. I am here to listen deeply, with my heart and mind, to gather information, make observations, hold space, serve tea, and at the end of the consultation time, offer valuable and highly effective suggestions.  The purpose is to support you, with plants and other modes of healing including dietary, and lifestyle, so that you can really thrive. By having some time to drop in and do a little detective work, along with an open heart and deep listening, we can move mountains toward radiant health and vitality. Nothing brings me more joy than to be of service and guidance on your path to empowerment, comfort, wellbeing, and connection to your body and the plants that have incredible power to heal.   I will meet you where you’re at, and make sure we create a plan that is realistic to fit into your life, and that feels deeply nourishing, and even perhaps fun! Everything I do is done in a customized way, in a spiral, rather than a line.  I look forward to working with you!  


Initial Consultation (Allow up to 2 hours): $150

-Includes detailed health history analysis, formulation, and comprehensive holistic treatment plan

(cost of medicines additional)

Follow Up Consultations (Allow up to 1 hour): $80 -Your health is an ever evolving dynamic process. Formulas and health protocols will change over time, and I am here to support your ongoing journey and movement toward optimum vitality.

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