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Vital Vessel Apothecary

Organically Grown, Regionally focused Herbal Medicine

The Apothecary at Vital Vessel is always bustling and open by appointment. You are welcome to come and get your bulk herbs, tea blends, tinctures, oils, elixirs, syrups, salves, and more! I always have a selection of medicines to choose from, and mostly focus on custom formulation for whatever your needs may be. Herbs are largely grown on the land right outside the door in the large medicine wheel garden, collected wild from the land, and sourced from other local herbalists, along with Mountain Rose Herbs when needed.  I have single herbs and remedies to support all systems of the body, including emotional and spiritual well-being, along with ritual and ceremony needs.  The supply fluctuates seasonally, and I love to offer season-specific medicines. 

See Below for Seasonal Offerings!

Fall and Winter medicines include, but are not limited to:


-Elderberry syrup *plus--a deeply decocted combination of elderberries, medicinal mushrooms, and warming spices

-Mushroom elixirs such as lionsmane and reishi

-Fire Cider--a Vinegar tonic filled with spicy and immune boosting alliums, peppers, and herbs

-Wellness tea blends 

-Soothing/warming body oils such as balsam and pine

-Respiratory syrup with elecampane and mullein, evergreen needles, and ginger

-Cold and flu tinctures and elixirs













Spring and Summer medicines include, but are not limited to:


-Tinctures for nervous system support such as fresh tulsi, lemonbalm, oats, st johnswort (always in stock year round)

-Body oils for cuts and scrapes, and sunburns

-Tick repellent spray

-Salves for stings and bites

-First aid remedies

-cooling tea blends

I can support you with consult and medicine for all of your needs (unless I don’t know how to help, in which case I am honest and will refer you to someone else), but am most passionate about gut health, endocrine balance, inflammation modulation and nervous system support. these are so often underlying issues to everything else, unless there is an acute illness such as flu, or a first aid situation.


Whether you know what you need, or you need help figuring it out and would like a full consultation, or a mini one, please reach out! I am available quickly when there is an urgent situation, and/or we can schedule a visit. I am here to be relied upon for you and your families herbal wellness needs.

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