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Herbal Mentorships

For young women ages 13-18


A weekly program for young women who have gotten the call from the plants, who are interested in learning how to make simple medicines, grow, harvest, process herbs, connect to the spirit of the plants, the elements and the directions. We will make remedies, both inside the apothecary, and outside in the cauldron over the fire. We will create personal materia medicas, adding a moniker of an herb or two each week. We drink tea together and explore taste and formulation.


This is a wonderful way to introduce the art and science of herbal medicine during a time of life when young women are learning how to find their place in the world. 

“This herbalism group has allowed me to pursue my curiosities about the natural world in alliance with our health. Lyssa creates a space for us to learn from her as well as deepen our own personal connection with the Earth. I have gained so much knowledge from this group and am excited to continue.”

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