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Alyssa Holmes, Vitalist Herbalist

Hi, I am Alyssa! I have been practicing and studying herbalism and health for 20 plus years. I have always been drawn strongly to the natural world, and hold the belief that through traditional ways, and new ways we can come into a state of health and joy, with the plants as wise allies. Plant medicine connects us to the elements, our ancestors, and our bodies. Herbal healing is empowering and effective, and I love nothing more than to help guide people and plants together through the alchemy of finding physical and energetic matches. I have studied with the American Institute of Vedic Studies (Vasant Lad and David Frawley), Sage Mountain Herbal Center (Rosemary Gladstar), and the School of Evolutionary Medicine (Sajah Popham)~along with all the years of self-study and practice in the field, and within my community. I am the Co-author of The Medicinal Gardening Handbook (first edition), and Healing Herbs (second edition). I live on a homestead with my husband and 2 daughters in Southern Vermont where we have a large medicine wheel filled with herbs, grow food, and host gatherings, retreats, workshops, mentorships, circles, and consultations. We have an Apothecary cabin filled with herbs in many forms of medicine, that is open by appointment and for custom formulas. 

About Alyssa
Why Naturopathy

What is Vitalist Herbalism?


Vitalism recognizes that plants heal not only on a physical level, but also energetically and spiritually. The Vitalist approach to Herbalism is very deeply holistic. It views the body as intelligent by nature, creating vital responses to express what it needs. Vitalism seeks out balance, energy, and life force, identifying obstacles through this lens. It explores the whole person from the perspective of the constitution, the tissues, and the soul and seeks the underlying root imbalances. The Vitalist uses a deep knowledge of plants in their wholeness and matches them to the uniqueness of each person to truly treat illness and to restore vital health. 


Herbal Mentorships

For young women ages 13-18.  A weekly program for young women who have gotten the call from the plants, who are interested in learning how to make simple medicines, grow, harvest, process herbs, connect to the spirit of the plants, the elements and the directions. 

herbal medicine
Healing/Learning Circles

Throughout the year I extend an invitation to gather in a group of people who are going through something similar and are in need of support, as well as herbal knowledge and consult.  We will dive into whatever the topic, have activities and resources around it, and generally support each other with ideas, space holding, and stories.  

sacred medicine

Take sanctuary in the apothecary cabin on the edge of the forest surrounded by herbs and potions brewing. Cozy beds, endless tea, and a library of healing books. This is an opportunity to reset your nervous system, rest, and heal. 

Sacred Herbal Baths

Outdoor, wood fired, warm water, herbal bliss. In nature, surrounded by flowers and herbs growing alongside the tub, release tension, give your worries to the water. This is a beautiful healing experience. Customized with herbs for your constitution and needs, along with candles, tea, music, and fresh air. Follow your bath with a nourishing herbal oil on your body, and perhaps a nap in the apothecary 20 feet away.

Individualized Herbal Consultations

Vitalist Herbal consultations are a way to get to the root of what has been going on with you, what has been out of balance, what needs attention. Feeling vital, having bodies that work well to move us through what we want to do in this life, is essential to living our purpose, enjoying our human experience, and connecting with the world. My vitalist approach takes healing with plants to the deepest level.

Medicine wheel garden


I am a 65 year old stroke survivor with multiple medical conditions and chronic kidney disease. After numerous unsuccessful appointments with a variety of medical professionals, I turned to  Alyssa Holmes at Vital Vessel Herbs. She has had an enormous impact on my healthcare. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, skillful and professional. 

My initial skepticism of alternative medicine was immediately ameliorated during my visit with Alyssa. Her wonderful apothecary and comfortable consultation room are very inviting. It is located on her picturesque farm with beautiful herb gardens.  Her thoughtful and thorough consultation was educational and inspirational. She spent a considerable amount of time explaining her philosophy and approach to healthcare. We then discussed, in detail, my background and medical history.  

Alyssa’s detailed explanations and compassionate consultation were very helpful. She helped me develop a comprehensive plan including  lifestyle issues, diet, sleep, and herbal supplements. I learned a great deal about myself and grew very comfortable with her approach.


As we sipped delicious tea, Alyssa provided me with a detailed written plan outlining the herbal supplements and dietary changes I will be using. She then created a medicinal tea, some tinctures, and oils for me to use. These products are all produced from her beautiful garden.

My Primary Practitioner was very impressed with Alyssa's plan and agreed to monitor my condition for three months and redo my blood tests again.  If there is no further deterioration of my kidney we will need no further intervention. 


I highly recommend this woman to everyone.




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